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Volunteer Firefighter

The volunteer fire department in Alna is always looking for new volunteers.  Although citizens can serve in a number of ways, our most pressing need is always for new volunteer firefighters.  Volunteering for the Alna Volunteer Fire Department is a highly rewarding experience.  In addition equipping you to improve the safety of your own family and neighbors, the Alna Volunteer Fire Department provides opportunities to become more closely connected to people in the community.  And although we are always on the lookout for young women and men to join us as firefighters and first responders, the Alna Volunteer Fire Department has a role for people of all ages and ability, and in non-firefighting roles, as well.

Volunteer firefighters are provided with all equipment and training needed to safely support emergency response when neighbors and visitors are in greatest need.  And while calls for help can come at any time of the day or night, volunteer firefighters are in full control of the time they make themselves available so that work schedules, family time, and other personal commitments can always be accommodated.

Volunteers are paid $15 an hour for time spent training and responding to calls.  The department also provides accident insurance for service-related injuries, as well as a $20,000 all-hazards life insurance policy for each volunteer.  

Please consider joining us.  For more information, or for a personalized tour of the fire station and overview of what we do, please contact us!


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