Selectmen’s Meeting Notes

June 21, 2017 meeting


Called to Order: 6:00 pm

Present: David Abbott, Doug Baston, Beth Whitney, Ed Pentaleri, Carrie Kipfer, Ona Brazwell, Susan Johns, Remy Segovia, Elizabeth Brown

Public Comment:

High Speed Internet:   Carrie Kipfer, Beth Whitney and Ed Pentaleri were all in to talk about the ConnectME Grant because it appears that Tidewater Telecom (also referred to at the meeting as LCI), installed high speed internet in at least some of the area we applied to serve with a ConnectME grant. It is unclear when this happened, as the town was not notified.  Carrie Kipfer said she received information in the mail and currently has it installed, while Beth Whitney, who also has internet through Tidewater Telecom, was not aware that it was available.  Carrie Kipfer is going to arrange to have a representative from LCI come in to a selectmen’s meeting to talk about it.  The question was also asked as to why Time Warner did not know about the Tidewater Telecom work.

The good thing is that, one way or another, more of the town is being served at no cost to the town.

Town Office Building: The question was asked about the status of our efforts to deal with our town office issues.  The selectmen said they had met with Lewis + Malm, the architects out of Bucksport that we have been working out, earlier in the day to discuss options.  Basically, it now comes down to two options: (a.) sell the current town office building and build a new office behind it; (b.) improve/repair the current building. Doing nothing is simply not a choice. The existing building has serious issues that must be addressed before it deteriorates even further.

When asked whether something would be brought to a special town meeting, both Selectman Abbott and Baston agreed important issues like this need to be decided at the annual March town meeting to get a broad consensus of the town’s wishes, so the earliest we would have something to act on would be March, 2018.

School Choice Residency Requirement:  Ona Brazwell spoke to read some information she had received from the Department of Education regarding residency requirements for purposes of paying school tuition.  She said she would forward a copy to the selectmen. 



New business:

Clarifying Rental Policy on Alna Meetinghouse:  Selectman Abbott talked to Doreen Conboy for clarification.  The $100 fee will remain in place and also will still require the one-day insurance.  The fee is not waived for residents.  There is also a deposit and non-residents do pay a higher amount for that.  The deposit is refunded if no damage is done.

Old business:

Rabbit Path repair update:  The logging company will have the paving company skim coat with actual asphalt on top.  This is to repair damage done while unloading an excavator, which tore the road up last year.   It will be done in the next few weeks and will cost the logger around $2,500.  They will let the selectmen know when the repair is done and the selectmen will inspect it.

Revised price on snow plowing contract and signing:  The price from Hagar was revised to be $1,950 less over the term of the contract ($650 per year) if the town agrees to waive the bond requirement and use a two month delayed payment method to ensure performance instead. The selectmen agreed that this method has worked well to date, and agreed to spread the discount over the three years rather than deducting it all at once. 

Ed Pentaleri asked about the bond and it was explained that it was a performance bond and did not remove the requirement for Hagar to have the required liability insurance.

The contract will be prepared with the revised amount and the selectmen will sign it once it is ready, as it has already been approved.

Status of Head Tide Dam contract with the Atlantic Salmon Federation: Selectman Baston reported that he had made some suggested changes and edits to the original draft offered by ASF and that the town attorney, David Soule, was now reviewing it as well. He thought we would hear back from David Soule by the next meeting. 

Meeting adjourned:  6:38 p.m.

Next Meeting:

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 5th at 6:00. As usual, we will have public comment before and at the close of the regular agenda. If you would like to be on the agenda for a specific purpose, please let the clerk know 24 hours in advance.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your town government, please feel free to contact any of us at any time.

David Abbott, 1st Selectman; Melissa Spinney, 2nd Selectman; Doug Baston, 3rd Selectman