Information from Midcoast Conservancy on Proposed Dam Modifications

Saturday, March 18, the Alna town meeting will include an opportunity to vote on a proposal to make repairs and improvement to the Head Tide Dam. In developing the proposal, the citizen committee had four key objectives in mind: to represent the history of the dam through an interpretive display, to maintain and enhance current recreational use, to improve public safety, and to ensure that all species of migratory and resident fish will have safe and timely upstream and downstream passage through the Head Tide site throughout the year. Both the committee and the selectmen believe the proposal full achieves all four of the desired outcomes.

We hope you will attend the meeting and vote. To help residents fully understand the project, below are important things to know about the proposed changes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Midcoast Conservancy

 Repairs/improvements to Head Tide Dam:

  • Replacement of right abutment with new abutment wall and overhead platform.Removal of concrete sill below old abutment and ledge to attract more flow to this side of river.
  • New safety railings on platform; new path and safety railing from parking area to river edge.
  • New educational kiosk on site history and fisheries.
  • Regrading of parking area and installation of canoe/kayak rack and picnic table; new abutment platform will be wheelchair accessible from parking area.Removal of invasive vegetation, stabilization of eroding bank, and stabilization of old foundation piers and walls that are falling in towards river.
  • Donation of $7,500 to Town of Alna from the Atlantic Salmon Federation for any future maintenance

In addition, this proposal will extend the life of the dam by reducing high flow pressure on the spillway and by addressing the section of the dam that has deteriorated most significantly, does not impact the swimming hole, and will be developed at no cost to the Town of Alna.

Click here for diagram of proposed changes (also shown below).