June 26, 2018

Documenting Residency as of June 30, 2018
To Secure Private K-8 School Subsidy for the
2018-19 and Future School Years


The 2018 vote of the RSU ended future private K-8 school choice in Alna still allows for public school choice for all residents K-12. If your child was born in Alna prior to June 30th, 2018, and has resided in Alna uninterrupted, he or she maintains the previous private school choice offered by the town.   

“Long form” residency verification applications and affidavits are available on the town’s website and at the town office and should be completed for all children who are entering school for the first time in September. A short form is available for returning students whose information has not changed from last year’s affidavit on file. Only a student’s name, school, grade level and parent’s signature is required on this form for Alna homeowners.  Renters will also be required to provide a copy of a current lease.

Proving residency as of June 30th will not be an issue for most parents. If your child was born here, you can secure a copy of the birth certificate. If you have lived in town for any substantial period, you can refer to your Homestead Exemption, property tax records, car and voter registration, utility bills, etc.

Having purchased a house or signed a lease is not sufficient to establish qualifying residency. Residency means that (a) you have firmly established Alna as your bona fide primary home, and (b) are actually living here in a legal dwelling unit, to the exclusion of other residences as of June 30th. The Selectmen and RSU Superintendent will make the final determination based on a totality of the facts presented.