2018 Property Revaluation


Why The Revaluation Was Performed

After 17 years since Alna’s last revaluation, Alna has completed a town-wide update of property valuations. Property valuations for tax assessment purposes have been updated to reflect each property’s fair market value as of April 1, 2018. Alna updated valuations to re-establish fairness in the Town’s tax assessments. Fairness in tax assessing is measured by the relationship of assessed values to fair market values.

The Revaluation Process 

Assessments were performed by John E. O'Donnell and Associates.  After studying recent sales, we believe these values reflect fair market value for 2018. Fair market value is the price that a typical buyer would pay and that you would accept if the property were to sell at this time. Although most properties are not for sale, valuations are based on an estimate of a sale price.

Informal Appeals

The Town Office Staff do not have the new assessments and cannot perform property reviews.  Residents who believe the assessed value for their property to be incorrect are strongly encouraged to schedule an informal review with John E. O'Donnell & Associates. These reviews afford property owners an opportunity to share information that may result in an adjustment to assessed value without requiring many of the steps demanded by the formalized process specified under state law.

If you have information that you would like to share and you want to review your property tax assessment, you should call John E. O’Donnell & Associates between the hours 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The phone number is 207-926-4044.  You may also send information in writing by mail or email. The mailing address is John E. O’Donnell & Associates, 632 Bald Hill Rd., New Gloucester, ME 04260. The email address is info@jeodonnell.com. Please put “Alna” and your “Map and Lot" reference in any communications. Your map and lot reference can be found on both the tax notice that was sent to you earlier this Summer, as well as the final tax bill that you should have received during the week of September 24th.

Formal Appeals

Property owners may initiate a formal appeal or request for abatement at any time within the limits described in the Property Tax Abatement and Appeal Procedures, after they have pursued an informal review with John E. O’Donnell & Associates, as described above.